On March 19th, 2024, the Vancouver Tennis Society had our first ever Annual General Meeting (!) at the Tennis BC Hub @ Richmond. I’d like to thank everyone for attending and making it a memorable time. Thank you, also, to Tennis BC for letting us use the facility!

We had a full house show up and we filled up 4 courts with play and practice going on for beginners and intermediate players. Thank you to Gino Saurez for his coaching and for Catherine for supporting.

I don’t think we’ve ever had such a positive and engaging response at our social events. Things are looking up for 2024!

Bureaucratic information:

The society has filed its necessary legal requirements as per the the BC Societies Act. The Board of Directors is as follows for 2024:

President: Nick Tchernikov
Vice-President: (Vacant)
Treasurer: Scott Sheng
Secretary: Teresa Murphy

Here’s to a great start to the 2024 outdoor season as well!

Look forward to seeing you all again soon,
Nick Tchernikov

Author: nickt

President of the Vancouver Tennis Society

By nickt

President of the Vancouver Tennis Society